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With every dog comes the responsibility that owners must take in order to give that dog a happy, healthy home. Sometimes dogs may not get the care they deserve because their owners are too busy with their own day to day activities. There are so many things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and in shape, it just takes a little time and effort on your part. I’d like to share with you a few quick and easy ways that I have found help to keep my dogs in shape and healthy. Hopefully you’ll be able to take my advice and build upon it to provide your pet a happy and healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important ways, in my opinion, to keep your dog healthy and in shape is by having them get plenty of exercise. My wife and I love to take our dogs for walks not only because it’s a great opportunity for them to get the exercise they need, but it gives my wife and I another great opportunity to chat about anything that may be on our minds. It’s a great bonding time for us and for the dogs, plus the benefit of getting exercise at the same time. We usually try to take a couple 30 minute walks each day. There are other ways that you can help your dog get the exercise he or she needs. Playing fetch with tennis balls and other dog toys, going to the lake for a swim, and my personal favorite, grouse hunting, are other great ways for getting exercise. The important thing to remember is that daily exercise helps promote good health.

Another way of keeping your dog healthy is a healthy diet. I’ve had great luck with our dog’s health by maintaining consistency in what they are being fed. I’ve learned that sticking with a good brand of dry dog food is generally a good way to have a healthy diet and it’s typically not advised to switch brands too often. Switching brands can sometimes upset your pet’s digestive pattern and can be disruptive to their overall eating habits. We tend to stay away from excess treats and other rawhides because they too can sometimes be upsetting to a dog’s overall digestive process. So in many cases, being consistent when it comes to your dog’s diet can be a great way to keep your dog healthy.

The final tip for keeping your dog healthy is also related to your dog’s diet, not what type of diet, but the portioning of your dog’s diet. We recently switched our dogs to a two-a-day meal plan which means they’re being fed once in the morning, and once in the late afternoon. They are still receiving the same portion size, but it’s split up into two separate meals. This has proven to be very effective, and our dogs appear to be much more energetic and have also trimmed some excess weight off the edges. I am not claiming that this is the right type of diet for your dog, nor am I saying you should feed your dogs in this manner. Obviously, every dog is unique and it may or may not be suitable for your dog, so you should consult your veterinarian first before trying this type of feeding schedule.

These are just a few tips for keeping your dog in shape and require little, if any, time to carry out. Combine these with the day to day love and affection that you show your dogs, and they’ll be well on their way to being a happy and healthy pet.

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Matt LeClair has been a life long pet lover and enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge about dogs, cats, and more. Matt is the owner and founder of Farm Medley, a wonderful resource for bringing you informative articles, and competitively priced, high quality pet supplies.

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