Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Dave Katz and this blog was inspired by the loss of one of my dogs, PeeWee, back in 2006.  PeeWee developed a Cancerous Tumor in 2006.  When he did I started to read everything I could to learn what caused the cancer and how I could hopefully slow it down or cure it.  After reading one book on pet nutrition, I was shocked to learn that his food was most likely the cause of his disease.   It disgusted me to learn what commercial dog food companies are allowed to put in their food and how there are loop holes that they constantly exploit. I immediately stopped feeding all of my dogs commercial food and starting to cook for them for a period of time. The changes I saw in PeeWee were almost instantaneous and dramatic….he was happier and had more energy then I had seen in a long time. Unfortunately the cancer was too far along and he lost his battle with it a few weeks later.

In the days since he passing, I vowed it would not be in vain. I have shared what I learned about commercial pet food with just about every pet owner I have come across since. I believe we are facing an epidemic with our pets and their health, with commercial pet food playing a Large part in this.  Currently, almost 6 Million dogs in the US are diagnosed with Cancer each year.  One in Four Dogs will contract cancer during their lifetime and 50% of all dogs over 10 die from cancer.  In addition to cancer, there are numerous other health issues which are caused by the toxins which are in the commercial food that most people feed their dogs.

It is my hope that the information shared on this site will help educate more and more pet owners and that we can start to help all dogs live longer, healthier and happier lives.  Please join me in getting the word out.

To better health for all of our pets.


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